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Our Women's Vitality Program


With age, Estrogen,  Testosterone, Growth, and Thyroid hormones decline. This profoundly affects a woman's metabolism and mental and physical well-being. Our approach is to customize hormone therapy in a patient-centered manner that is both safe and effective. We do not believe that a one-size-fits-all approach can achieve your goals of living long and happy.


Given that the Western food industry focuses on quantity and price instead of quality and nutritional value, our diet has become energy-rich and calorie-rich yet nutritionally poor. In fact, in our practice, we find that most women are either deficient or have suboptimal levels of essential vitamins such as vitamin B12 and Vitamin D; how is this acceptable in the wealthiest and most fertile land in the world? The supplement industry is not regulated the same way as the pharmaceutical industry; as such, most "vitamins" available commercially are usually ineffective, under-dosed, and poorly absorbed in the gut; optimizing these levels should be a central pillar of any comprehensive vitality program. Suboptimal vitamin D and B12 levels affect bone health, immunity, colon cancer risk, energy, stamina, and the ability to burn fat and build muscle.


We are blessed to live in a nation that enables us to optimize our hormones and vitamins, so why not take advantage of that?


Our program best suits proactive women interested in self-improvement and pushing their limits outside their comfort zone. We can optimize your hormonal milieu, but we have no control over your diet and exercise habits; still, we will educate you and coach you on these along the way, employing the most current knowledge on exercise and nutrition.


We start with a simple lab test to assess whether you would be a candidate for our program; this is done before meeting with Dr. Abdullah.

To assess candidacy for our Women's Vitality program, you require the following screen:

  • Estrogen & TestosteroneLab screen price: $114.

To ensure that our treatment plan is effective and safe, we include a comprehensive laboratory panel that exceeds the standards of hormone replacement therapy and primary care. Furthermore, we only use the most accurate methodologies for our hormone testing, such as Chromatography combined with Mass Spectrometry. For these reasons, getting the results takes up to 10 business days. 

For convenience, you can use our mobile phlebotomy service, get your blood drawn at home or the workplace, and then review lab results with Dr. Abdullah via telephone.

The Women's Vitality Program:

  • Program Goal: Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone, thyroid, vitamin D, and B12 optimization. Sometimes, we also prescribe Human Growth Hormone (see below!)

  • Prerequisite lab test: Estrogen and Testosterone levels are required before meeting with Dr. Abdullah. 


Women's Vitality Program Schedule & Pricing:

Every woman is different and unique in her health status, hormonal milieu, and the physical requirements of her life and occupation. Therefore, we don't have a set program, lab panel, or schedule. One woman might need to be evaluated every three months, but another will be assessed every six months. One woman might only be on Testosterone. Another might be on Estrogen, Progesterone, and Testosterone. Some women are on injectable, oral, or topical Estradiol. Some women are on topical, injectable, or oral Androgens. Some women are also on growth hormone. The fact that we are patient-centered is what makes us better and more effective than the non-doctor-managed HRT mills popping up on social media every day. Please be aware that a lot of these "HRT" mills on social media are not physician-managed, even when they have the "MD" acronym in their name.    


Women's Vitality Standard Pricing


Lab Estrogen and testosterone screen price (before starting the program): $114.

Doctor visits, including lab tests:

  • Case by case. Please reach us to inquire.

Medication/prescription payments are made to us directly; they cover the staff's care coordination, the medicine, shipping, and the physician's chart and treatment protocol review, eliminating the need for additional consultation. 


What is a chart review? Whenever you order medications through our website, the physician must access your chart, examine notes, lab results, and any text/email exchange between you and him to ascertain that the ordered medicine, strength, and dose are appropriate or whether a visit or bloodwork is required. What you pay on our prescription portal covers this service.


For convenience, you can use our mobile phlebotomy service, get your blood drawn at home or the workplace, and then review lab results with Dr. Abdullah via telephone.

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Therapy:

Growth Hormone Therapy benefits a subset of patients when prescribed and clinically and biochemically monitored by a qualified, experienced physician. The FDA has approved certain recombinant human growth hormone brands for treating adult growth hormone deficiency, diagnosed by clinical and laboratory findings. 

Important to note: Even with a diagnosis of Adult growth hormone deficiency that is verified both clinically and biochemically through a blood test, we do not prescribe HGH without achieving the full potential of HRT within the confines of maximal safety and tolerability of sex hormones (Estrogen, Progesterone, and Testosterone).

HGH therapy (when indicated) has an added cost: The cost of the labs increases by $100, the cost of the visit rises by $80, and the price of the hormone is $500-$600/month.

Hormone levels and the menstrual cycle:


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