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  • Is this program managed by a Doctor/MD/Physician or a mid-level/PA/NP?
    Our patients meet with Dr. Abdullah. Lab results are analyzed by Dr. Abdullah. Dose adjustment is determined by Dr. Abdullah. He is a licensed Physician who has an MD degree and an MPH/Master's degree in public health. When it comes to your hormones, you would want a physician to do the assessment and plan. Physicians go through a minimum of 7 years of schooling and countless clinical hours. They are the most knowledgeable members of the healthcare team when it comes to how the human body functions in terms of health and disease. .
  • Are you accepting new patients?
  • What are your services?
    Men/Women's Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT), Testicular Atrophy, and Erectile Dysfunction (ED). ​ Weight Management/Medical Weight Loss: We use Injectables and Orals, as well as novel GLP1 injectables such as Semaglutide (Wegovy ®/Ozembic ®), Trulicity®, Mounjaro®, and others within the same class.
  • What is the advantage of Newport Health & Vitality vs online/virtual "men's health" programs?
    We know the numerous online subscription programs presenting themselves as "men's health" or "TRT." They're everywhere on Instagram (IG). Truthfully, the best way to describe them is faceless, high-price, low-value, low-dose, nurse-managed Testosterone IG mills. The service is ineffective, and patient turnover is high, ensuring quick short-term profit. They are not expecting or interested in long-term relationships with their patients. So, what sets us apart? A real Doctor who is genuinely knowledgeable and passionate about hormonal and metabolic health will evaluate you and your blood work, which means better and safer results. We are a comprehensive Andrology clinic. We don't just prescribe Testosterone; we prescribe all the other agents required for an effective and safe Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) program. The IG mills don't We manage the side effects. The IG mills don't. We manage ED and Testicular atrophy. The IG mills don't. We personalize the dosing so you see results. The IG mills don't because they need a low-dose-fits-all approach as they are large volume-based businesses that need to reduce liability and maximize profits. Our physician evaluates you every time! The mills will have a physician as a medical director. Still, a nurse or physician assistant will be assessing you without meaningful supervision by a qualified physician, even if they tell you otherwise. The physician/medical director usually knows nothing about hormone replacement therapy. The IG mills pay a remote physician a monthly fee to borrow the medical license. We question the accuracy of novel home-based hormonal testing; many virtual mills employ these novel testing methods. Sure, there is the convenience factor, which is extremely important for today's busy man. Still, lab result accuracy is vital to an effective and safe hormone replacement program, especially given that home-based testing is variable in terms of quality control and reliability depending on proper sample collection by the patient. We don't sell snake oil, such as NAD and peptides. The IG mills do! They sell you peptides like Ipamorelin and CJC, promising to increase your natural Growth Hormone production, which is false. These "peptides" are fake and don't work even if they are real; their source is undisclosed, and the practitioners and medical directors themselves would never be on them. But they have the guts to sell them at a high price to people. All the hormones we prescribe are manufactured by CGMP-compliant facilities. Very often, one cannot verify the source of the meds the IG mills prescribe as they brand them or give you an prefilled syringe. Do you know what's in the syringe? When you consider the details of what we offer and our prices, it becomes evident that ours is a value proposition.
  • Why should I get Erectile Dysfunction (ED) meds like generic Viagra and generic Cialis prescribed by you when I could subscribe to one of the various online websites that offer this type of medication?
    We know the numerous online subscription programs functioning as "men's health" or "ED" mills. Please note: These services often underdose and overcharge to reduce liability and maximize profits. They use lower-quality generics to maximize profits. You need to find out if the medication has expired. Due to quality issues and ensuring that medications are not expired, we reserve the right to determine the pharmacy we associate with; we also dispense these medications at the office in the manufacturer's original bottle with the original insert and the expiration date. We include the manufacturer's original insert because it contains all the instructions for proper use for your convenience and safety. What's the "insert"? It is a physical paper pamphlet with a complete description of the medication, its use, side effects, and drug-drug interactions. It ensures that you get the maximum effect of the drug while minimizing risk. We can make that available to you when we dispense the medication at the office. If you purchase the medicine through our website, please go through the description section to get all the relevant information included in the original insert.
  • Is there a No-Show Fee/Appointment Cancelation Policy?
    We are committed to providing exceptional care. The physician's time is valuable. Moreover, when one patient cancels without giving enough notice, they prevent another patient from being seen. Please call us at (949) 229-5257 by 3:00 pm on the day before your scheduled appointment to notify us of any changes or cancellations. Please call our office by 3:00 pm on Friday to cancel a Monday appointment. If there is no prior notification by 3:00 pm on the day before your scheduled appointment or you are a no-show to the meeting, a $100 no-show fee will be applied to your account.
  • What are the costs of services rendered at your practice? Do you accept insurance?
    We do not accept insurance. We are happy to furnish you with any receipt or superbill for any service at our clinic, although we cannot guarantee reimbursement to you by your insurance company. Our Hormone Replacement Program: We charge per visit, but we calculated the average monthly price. Call us if you need any clarification. See pricing details and program description here: here. Botox: $10/Unit.
  • Why are injectable medication supplies such as syringes and needles dispensed at your office?
    This guarantees adherence to physician-recommended needle size and quantity of needles/syringes. Retail pharmacies often do not dispense the prescribed amount or needle size, as it depends on what they have in stock, which is inconvenient, and using the wrong needle size can cause trauma and scar tissue formation. We are aware that some patients purchase these supplies from various websites, but we advise against that because we cannot guarantee the sterility of these supplies. We purchase our supplies from world-class, reputable suppliers such as McKesson. However, we may still prescribe through retail pharmacies if it is more convenient for patients who live too far from our clinic.
  • Can I use my HSA/FSA/HRA account/card to pay my fees at Newport Health & Vitality?
    It is on a Case-by-case basis. You would have to try and see. We'll help you as much as we can.
  • Are there any Botox Pre-Treatment Instructions?
    Avoid taking aspirin, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications, St. John’s Wort, Omega 3 fatty acids (fish oil), and vitamin E supplements for five days prior to treatment to reduce the risk of bruising or bleeding at the injection site. Arrive at your appointment with a clean face, no skin product or makeup.
  • Are there any Botox Post-Treatment Instructions?
    Do not lay down for 2 hours post treatment. Contract the facial muscles in the area injected every 15 minutes for 1 hr after treatment. Do not rub the area treated. Do not exercise for the first 12 hours after treatment. You will not see full results for up to 7 days after treatment and the maximum effect may take 2 weeks to appear. The average Botox treatment last 3 to 4 months. After repeat treatments the effect may last longer. First treatment usually lasts the least. Wait 14 days before any rejuvenation procedures such as microneedling and laser. Call our office if you have any concerns.
  • How many units of Botox will i need? How much will it cost?
    Dr. A needs to examine you and provide a comprehensive aesthetic consult in order to determine how many units you would require. However, men usually need 70-80 units and women usually need 50-70 units. Currently we charge $10/unit.
  • Do you treat hyperhydrosis?
    Yes we use neuromodulators to treat it. Each side requires 100 units. Cost is $10/unit, so $1000 per side.
  • Anabolic steroids such as Testosterone are readily available on the black market, and they are very cheap. Why should I get them prescribed through your clinic and pharmacies, where it costs much more?
    Just because someone looks great on social media and has 10 million followers, it does not mean they are telling you the truth about what they’re on and how high their dose is. You cannot ascertain that they are on the same stuff that they are stirring you to. Also, if they are hugely muscular and look like the Incredible Hulk, you can rest assured that they are on large doses of Human Growth Hormone (HGH), but they won’t tell you that. They’re not going to give you their secret sauce recipe, and they won’t stir you to their HGH dealer because there’s a tiny amount of black market HGH to go around. On that note, please don’t buy HGH—or HCG, for that matter--from the black market or Mexico. It’s all fake! Indeed, finding a dealer through your friend, personal trainer, or some bodybuilder on social media is relatively easy. But.... You need to know what you are getting. How do you know if the “Deca” is Nandrolone? How do you know if the “Test” you are getting is Testosterone? And how will you find a way to test them for purity? Very often, when we draw labs on patients who admit that they procured their anabolic steroids from the black market, stacking upwards of 800 mg weekly and up, we find lab results consistent with someone who is not on an anabolic or a minimal dose, despite reporting injecting large amounts of whatever they procured. Pharmaceutical-grade Testosterone is safe, effective, and affordable. So why spend money on substances of questionable quality, purity, sterility, and concentration? You end up paying more and getting less.
  • You only prescribe Testosterone, and I want something more anabolic, such as Trenbolone or Boldenone/Equipoise; I also want an oral anabolic, such as Anavar (Oxandrolone). I like substantial doses because I want to get big. I don’t think I can get meaningful gains with the smaller amounts or type of anabolic that a doctor prescribes.
    We prescribe either Testosterone or Nandrolone. They are both bioidentical because they are the same hormones your body makes; this guarantees safety. Trenbolone and Boldenone/Equipoise are popular because they are more anabolic than Testosterone. Still, they are not bioidentical and intended for animals to get them big for sport (horses) or slaughter (cattle). Their cardiac safety profile remains unknown. Trenbolone is more anabolic than Testosterone, but it has unique effects on the brain that may be permanent even after you stop using it. These effects are low libido, sexual dysfunction, drug-resistant ED, and personality changes that can affect your relationships. Is it worth it? Boldenone increases blood thickness and the likelihood of chronic kidney disease more than any anabolic steroid. It also causes permanent intestinal damage in some men. And it's not even more anabolic than Testosterone, so why bother with it? The same applies to dose strength; dosing anabolic steroids beyond a particular weekly amount confers no additional anabolic gains, as the muscle will have reached its genetically determined anabolic potential. Higher amounts would only increase the adverse effects, such as heart muscle remodeling and possibly heart failure. They will convince you that you need to "stack" more. Please don't believe it! You'll get more veins, more acne, more mood swings, accelerated skin aging, and, most importantly, a higher probability of developing ventricular fibrillation or a blood clot before you turn 65. Is it worth it? I don't judge men who decide to live life on the fast lane. Man has a right to self-determination and to choose a certain quality of life. But it must be understood that when you decide to use large doses of veterinary steroids, you are indeed choosing that life. In terms of oral anabolic steroids such as Anavar (Oxandrolone) or Winstrol (stanozolol), these come in small doses and have short half-lives and hence must be dosed frequently throughout the day. They are suitable for certain women because they require much less Testosterone than men. They are also excellent for people on chemotherapy for cancer to help them with their appetite and to counterbalance the catabolic state they're in from both the cancer and the chemo; in these scenarios, they are used short-term. Their long-term safety has not been evaluated. If men take them for HRT purposes, they'll take larger doses that are toxic to the liver; more importantly, why take an oral anabolic when you are already on an injectable? If the injectable amount is insufficient, we will safely increase the dose; remember, more anabolism means more heart remodeling and not necessarily a more admirable body!
  • I don’t want steroids please. I heard they are bad for you.
    Please understand that all anabolic agents are actual “steroids,” including the ones made by your testicles, such as Testosterone. Testosterone is safe if it’s dosed appropriately and monitored by a qualified physician. The stories you hear about “roid rage” and massive heart attacks among young men involve the use of extremely high doses, and usually veterinary steroids such as Trenbolone and Equipoise. These anabolic steroids are artificial and marketed for the sole purpose of maximizing the animal’s growth and strength with disregard for the animal’s lifespan.
  • Can I get my Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) from Mexico, my dealer, through one of the many TRT clinics or an HCG Diet clinic?
    As of June 2021, the US government began reinforcing the March 2020 rule that HCG is a biological medication, and as such, a pharmacy cannot compound it and hence must be originating from the brand name manufacturer via an electronic controlled substance prescription from a qualified physician, and the medication must be either picked up in person from the pharmacy or shipped from the pharmacy to the patient’s home. Currently, the commercially available brand is Pregnyl®. Any HCG you get from a dealer, Mexico, virtual or high volume TRT mill, or an “HCG Diet” clinic is fake. Some clinics might have residual inventory from bulk HCG obtained from compounding pharmacies before June 2021, but rest assured that it’s expired and not worth your money.
  • Does Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) even work? I know men who tried it, and they said it did not work.
    HCG is not an essential component of HRT unless a man on HRT is trying to conceive. Many HRT patients get on it to preserve testicular volume for cosmetic purposes. It does work for that purpose, but one needs authentic, unexpired, and adequate strength and frequency, as determined by a qualified physician.
  • Can I use insurance for the medications you prescribe?
    No! Insurance does not cover the class of medicines Dr. Abdullah prescribes. And in the rare occasions they do, they don't cover the dose or strength he deems effective. A one-size-fits-all approach would not deliver results and patient satisfaction. Luckily, these medications--when purchased through our program--are affordable! When you use "insurance" to pay for something, an entity other than yourself is paying. Said entity then must have proof of "medical necessity" to pay. However, what we deem medically necessary differs from what the insurance company deems necessary, leading to delays in therapy and placing an unacceptable liability on the prescribing physician.
  • Your services are too costly; I have seen much lower prices elsewhere. My friend’s Primary Medical Doctor (PMD) is prescribing Testosterone, and it’s through insurance.
    Cost is relative, and you get what you pay for. Still, considering what we offer as a full-suite comprehensive hormonal health clinic, ours is a value proposition. Our vitality program is a form of self-investment. You will experience results that improve your personal, social, and occupational life. Your biggest asset is your health, inside and out. A PMD will not dose appropriately, treat side effects, or optimize estrogen levels because they lack the time and expertise and are limited by the insurance company or the employer's "guidelines." These "guidelines" are to reduce costs and maximize profit for these entities, not improve your life's quality.
  • I don’t want to get too big. I want to be fit. I am afraid Testosterone is going to make me huge, and I don’t want that.
    Let us be clear: We have not had a single patient or heard of anyone complaining of getting “too big.” On the contrary, guys are always trying to lose fat and gain lean mass. Getting “too big” requires years of impeccable diet and exercise discipline, as well as large doses of anabolic steroids. I assure you that that will be the least of your concerns.
  • I am already 60 years old. Too late for any of this.
    It’s not about your chronological age! So, what if you are 60 or 80 years old? Does that mean hormones don’t work on you? Does that mean you cannot be coached? Does that mean you should not seek a better quality of life? Does that mean you should be frail? Some men start TRT at 80 years old. Some men are 100 years old and still on 100 mg of Testosterone Cypionate weekly.
  • I don’t live in California. Can we do telemedicine?
    I only practice medicine in California. If you are in a nearby state or come to California often, we could set your visits accordingly. Some patients come from Kansas, New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado. I can get medicines shipped to you anywhere in the US, but I must evaluate you here in California!
  • I am already getting gear from the black market through a buddy or personal trainer; I am jacked and glorious. What can you do for me?
    Let’s set up a consultation! I hope to persuade you that we may get the same results with lower doses but higher quality pharmaceutical-grade bioidentical hormones. Even if I cannot persuade you to join our vitality program, we can aim for maximal harm reduction. I know you’re getting your labs checked on your own, and you’re getting your blood dumped every few months, and your blood pressure is good. However, there are other adverse effects to monitor and affordable harm reduction tools at our disposal, such as a cardiac echocardiogram and the molecular age-reversal drug Rapamycin.
  • I heard that steroids cause Acne. I don’t want that.
    Acne is a side effect of anabolic steroids such as Testosterone. However, it occurs with higher doses, and it is almost always mild and treatable with moisturizers, antibiotic lotions, and sometimes oral antibiotics such as minocycline. The severe cases of acne you see on the face and back of some guys are because of veterinary steroids such as “Tren.”
  • I heard that Testosterone causes prostate cancer. I don’t want that.
    Testosterone DOES NOT CAUSE new prostate cancer. If it did, we would see lots of it among young men, as they have high levels of Testosterone. Testosterone, however, aggravates pre-existing/undiagnosed prostate cancer, which is why we screen everyone with a PSA before initiating HRT and we screen frequently during HRT. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men, and its incidence increases with age. Luckily, we screen for it frequently, and it’s one of the slowest-growing tumors in the world. Also of note, HRT is safe in men who have had their prostate removed from a prior diagnosis of prostate cancer.
  • I heard that HRT causes testicular shrinkage and affects fertility; this does not sound good.
    In terms of testicular atrophy, 90% of men on HRT--regardless of dose--will experience testicular shrinkage; most of the time, it’s about 20% of the pre-HRT testicular volume. But yes, sometimes it’s as much as 50%. It is a subjective and cosmetic issue, not a medical issue--unless you are trying to conceive. Still, if it becomes a source of mental distress or discomfort during erections, or if you are trying to conceive, we could prevent or reverse testicular atrophy with Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) therapy. Often, men don’t believe in HCG, but that’s because it was not dosed appropriately by their former prescriber, or it was fake or expired.
  • I heard that Testosterone causes “roid rage,” and I don’t want to get fired from my job.
    Testosterone, as well as all anabolic steroids, exert an effect on the brain. They cause a feeling of vigor, masculinity, confidence, Joi de vivre, libido, and youthfulness. But there are two situations when anabolic steroids, including Testosterone, may cause "roid rage," extreme irritability, extreme mood swings, and, you know….make you act very douchy! You have classic bipolar type 1 or schizophrenia, and you did not inform your doctor that you have these conditions or that you are on mood stabilizers such as lithium. You are using constantly high doses of an anabolic steroid. I do not prescribe Testosterone to patients with certain psychiatric conditions or on certain psychiatric drugs. I also do not prescribe large doses of anabolic steroids, and I hope I can convince you that you don't need these large doses.
  • I heard that once you start taking Testosterone, you can’t stop! Is this true?
    Fake news! Of course, you can stop. It's not meth or heroin. Generally, guys don't stop because it makes them healthier, sexier, and happier, not because they can't. Now, if a man wants to stop Testosterone if he wishes to conceive or for another reason, then all he needs to do is discuss a quit date with the physician and get on HCG so that there is ample time for pre-HRT testicular function to return by the designated quit date.
  • I heard that “steroids” can cause heart attacks, strokes, and high blood pressure. I don’t want any of that.
    Please go ahead and read my section on anabolic steroids and the heart.
  • I am not interested in your vitality or obesity program; I just want a Rapamycin course as an anti-aging approach to my overall health.
    Yes, please set up a consultation. I will collect your medical history and happily prescribe it. Learn more here!
  • I am interested in hormone pellets because it is more convenient for me to just “set it and forget it,” and I don’t like the idea of self-injecting.
    Dr. Abdullah does not recommend hormone pellets for the following reasons: If your PSA comes back high and we need to rule out prostate cancer, we want you off Testosterone ASAP, which is easier if you are on an injectable or topical. If you're on pellets, will we wait a few more months until the pellet is metabolized? Are you going to find an available appointment ASAP to get the pellets out, and how will they find them if you've had them for a few months and they're buried somewhere in your subcutaneous fat? Pellets generally do not deliver a dose effective enough to experience desirable results, so you're paying lots of money for very little Testosterone. Changing dose is more complicated with pellets, and you have to wait months before you do so; with injectable TRT, men become proficient at self-dosing with time and can quickly change dosing by consulting with their physician by phone, text, or email. You cannot do that with pellets. Ironically, many men on pellets end up having to supplement with oral or injectable Testosterone, which increases their costs and defeats the whole convenience purpose of pellets. Extrusion: The pellet spontaneously exits from the implantation site, which happens in about 10% of cases; remember that this is painful, and you would have to get another procedure and reinsert pellets and pay more money. It will also increase the likelihood of cosmetic deformity and scarring in the area. You NEVER want a "set it and forget it" kind of situation with hormones! As far as self-injecting, we will coach you until you become comfortable with it. I have never had a patient who agreed to train and did not become proficient at self-injecting. Give us a chance, and we will teach you well.
  • How can I increase my testosterone levels "naturally"? I heard there are supplements you can take to improve your "natural" hormone production.
    Fake news! You will often see the word "boost" or "booster" on these products. These are all marketing terms, and there is no such thing as a "boost" or "booster" in medicine. None of these supplements work. NONE! But they do give you IBS, and they probably have carcinogens in them since they are not regulated by the FDA the way pharmaceutical drugs are. It's all false advertising. If your testicles are making less Testosterone, then the only way to replace that is by taking exogenous Testosterone.
  • Why do some younger men who are under the age of 35 have low Testosterone levels and symptoms of low testosterone?
    Endogenous Testosterone production begins to decline at the age of 35. Indeed, we see men in their 20s with low Testosterone levels. Brain tumors, Brain trauma, Diabetes, HIV, Obesity, using anabolic steroids at a very young age, and HIV drugs all cause low Testosterone, either by affecting the pituitary gland or the testicle itself. Even intense psychological trauma can cause testicular failure.
  • Should I get on Testosterone even if I am 25?
    If you have the symptoms, your levels are low, and you don’t have a contraindication, then yes. If your levels are optimal, you have no symptoms, and you want to use super high doses to get super jacked. You may permanently disrupt your Hypothalamic-Hypophysial-Gonadal axis and develop permanent testicular shrinkage and permanent reliance on exogenous Testosterone. Most importantly, when guys start high doses of anabolic steroids that young, the heart will suffer from more cumulative severe damage at the genetic level, which could lead to early death. Remember, you want to look good, feel good, and live long, not die young.
  • What lab method do you use to test for Testosterone and Estrogen?
    We use serum/blood testing through LC/MS technology; the samples are analyzed by state of the art technology at Quest Diagnostics, which is a world class laboratory. We do not believe that salivary testing is accurate.
  • Testosterone is supposed to improve erectile function. How come all these huge bodybuilders can’t get it up, and they now have to inject Tri-Mix to treat erectile dysfunction (ED)?
    Assuming that recreational drugs and prescribed psychiatric medications are not involved, there are three reasons behind erectile dysfunction (ED) in a man with adequate libido and who is on high doses of anabolic steroids. Non-bioidentical anabolic steroid use: The direct effect of these hormones on the penile erectile tissue is unknown. High estrogen levels: Estrogen in a man is poorly studied and has a complex interaction with both Testosterone and Testosterone-responsive tissues, such as the corpora cavernosa of the penis. High levels cause erectile dysfunction, but there is evidence that low levels may also cause it. Therefore, estrogen must be regularly monitored and stabilized by adjusting the aromatase inhibitor dose. Nandrolone (AKA "Deca"): It causes changes in the lining of the blood vessels of the penis, which can reduce blood flow, causing ED. Nandrolone can also bind penile alpha estrogen receptors, which can also cause ED.
  • If I would need to take a pill to control my Estrogen level and another hormone to preserve my testicular size and must do labs every so often, wouldn't that be too difficult of a program to adhere to? It just sounds like a lot of work.
    Yes, and it’s worth it and then some! Just ask the men on it if you don’t believe me.
  • I asked my trainer and buddy, who are both very muscular, and I also follow this muscle guy on social media. They all say they’re not on anything and are very disciplined in their diet and exercise! I asked them specifically if they were on Testosterone, and they all said no! Is that possible?
    To get muscular, you need to work out like a spartan, eat like a Viking, and sleep like a king, but yeah, you also need to be on Testosterone, so they’re lying to you. And if they tell you the truth, don’t ask them about their dose because they will lie. Remember, society is still ignorant and judgmental about anabolic steroids, and the government considers the elective use of anabolic steroids to be illegal. They’re getting their steroids from the black market. For all these reasons, men generally lie about their use of steroids and about the amount they are using.
  • What's the process and pricing to get into your hormone replacement program?
    Here! (scroll down the page)!
  • Do you prescribe Gonadorelin?
    The interest among men in TRT stems from the desire to reverse TRT-related testicular atrophy, especially since HCG has become a brand medicine, which has tripled its price, causing rationing, underdosing, and less satisfactory results. However, Gonadorelin is currently not available in the US. It requires a special pump apparatus to be administered in a pulsatile fashion. It's also costlier and less effective than HCG. Therefore, we believe that "Gonadorelin" prescribed/sold at so-called "anti-aging" and "men's health" clinics is not authentic and ineffective. If you are getting care through a clinic that prescribes it, you can verify the authenticity by measuring LH levels before and after taking the Gonadorelin. You will then discover for yourself that it is fake. We hope the FDA will reverse its decision regarding HCG and a subsequent increase in availability and decrease in price. Until then, we are prescribing Pregnyl (brand HCG).
  • I live far from Newport Beach. Can I do my labs at a lab in my area and follow up with you via telephone/video call?
    Yes, we understand the inconvenience of the commute, so for patients who are not close to us, we can do that as long as we see you at least twice a year here at the office.
  • I am looking for peptides such as Sermorelin, Tesamorelin, Ipamorelin, CJC, and BPC.
    We don't sell snake oil, such as "peptides," NAD, and Glutathione. Peptides like Ipamorelin, Sermorelin, CJC, and all the others promise to increase your "natural" Growth Hormone production or accelerate recovery from sport-related injury, which is utterly false and unproven. If these "peptides" are effective, why aren't pharmaceutical companies making and selling them? Why can't you get a legitimate, reputable physician to prescribe them? If they are genuine and legitimate, why can't you tell who the manufacturer is? Grab your Ipamorelin bottle and look for the name of the manufacturer. I bet you won't find it. You may find the name of a dispensing pharmacy. But you won't find the manufacturer. Peptides and proteins must be refrigerated to remain stable, so how are these "anti-aging" clinics storing them at room temperature? Why are legitimate peptides like Ozempic, HGH, and Human Chorionic Gonadotropins stored and shipped in cold boxes, yet the "anti-aging" peptides you get from the local clinic are at room temperature?! Why are the nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and medical directors of these "clinics" themselves NOT on the peptides they are selling you? If they are that good and safe, should they not be on them as well?! Aren't they practicing what they're preaching?! Go ahead and request a meeting with the medical director. These "anti-aging" clinics tell you the medical director is available upon request. I bet you won't be able to meet them, and if you do, you will know within 5 minutes of the conversation that the peptides are indeed fake. ANY "clinic" selling these peptides is not only engaging in false advertising, fraud, and click baiting but also blatantly committing harm by injecting into your body substances of unknown origin or efficacy. This should also call into question the legitimacy of all their other services. Please remember that false advertising is reportable to the state medical board. Tesamorelin (Growth hormone-releasing hormone) is often marketed as a "peptide ."But it is a patented protein that is available commercially as EGRIFTA SV®, which costs even more than Human Growth Hormone, so obviously, ANY "clinic" mentioning it on their website or social media account is not only engaging in false advertising. They do not have real Tesamorelin. Ask to speak to the "medical director" about the source of the Tesamorelin. Unlike Ipamorelin, Sermorelin is the generic name of a legitimate peptide drug called "Geref®" that was manufactured by EMD Serono, which is a world-class pharmaceutical company; clinical trials back then showed that Sermorelin/Geref® increases IGF levels--which is also how Human Growth Hormone (HGH) works. However, the manufacturer took it off the market within two years, citing higher costs of production and the inability of the drug to compete with HGH; this makes sense since the original manufacturer's recommended dose of Sermorelin was 2 mg nightly, whereas the dose of HGH is usually around 0.5 mg for the same effect! Now ask yourself, how is a world-class pharmaceutical company (EMD Serono) no longer producing a drug due to high costs and lower efficacy than HGH? Yet, you can purchase it from some random "anti-aging" clinic nearby?! Also, if the original manufacturer (EMD Serono) dosed the drug at 2 mg nightly, how are the "anti-aging" clinics dosing it at 0.25-0.5 mg nightly?! So not only is the drug fake but so is the dosing!
  • I want Human Growth Hormone (HGH)
    Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Therapy: Growth Hormone Therapy benefits a subset of patients when prescribed and clinically and biochemically monitored by a qualified physician. The FDA has approved certain brands of recombinant Human Growth Hormone for treating Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency, which is diagnosed by clinical and laboratory findings. Important to note: Even with a diagnosis of Adult growth hormone deficiency that is verified both clinically and biochemically through a blood test, we do not prescribe HGH without achieving the full potential of anabolic steroids/Testosterone. "Peptides" such as Ipamorelin, Sermorelin, and CJC are being peddled as a cheaper, safer alternative to HGH. These are blatant lies. Peptides are not effective at mimicking either GHRH or HGH. Save your money, and don't fall for that Cool Aid! HGH therapy (when indicated) has an added cost to the price of the visit ($100) and the labs ($100)--in addition to the cost of the medication itself ($500 and up/mo).
  • If I need to dump some blood (therapeutic phlebotomy), is Dr. Abdullah going to help me with this?
    Yes, we understand that in some cases, we may recommend therapeutic phlebotomy at a particular frequency. Dr. Abdullah will help and direct you through the proper channels.
  • What do you think of Enclomiphene?
    Enclomiphene does not raise Testosterone to a sufficient level that would bring about noticeable and desirable changes in your mind or body. Please do not believe the ads and influencers of IG. They are lying. It also reduces your endogenous IGF level (a surrogate marker of growth hormone), breaking down your muscle and thinning your skin. They will tell you that lowering your IGF level prevents cancer. Please don't believe any of it. They are lying to you. Moreover, why would you go for an unnatural chemical when Testosterone itself is the most natural and bioidentical medicine you could ever take? Enclomiphene is not a substitute for Testosterone for TRT. No ethical physician would ever use that. The people pedaling it on social media have no medical or clinical training, and the prescribers are nurses and physician assistants, not physicians.
  • How long does it take for lab results to come back? What is the blood work turnaround time?
    Please note: We use world-class laboratories with validated methods for accurate results; therefore, it may take 5-7 business days for us to get them. Thank you for your patience.
  • Hormones through your ordering/refilling portal are "expensive"; I see them advertised elsewhere on GoodRx at a fraction of the cost, and they are cheaper through my dealer or gym trainer.
    Dear prospective patients, none of our services is expensive, and we are proud to be accessible to anyone not wealthy. That's because we believe that hormone therapy (when indicated) should be accessible to everyone who benefits from it. The cost of Testosterone--as well as all other medications we prescribe through our portal--includes the price of our labor that is related to your chart review, prior consultation, a review of your labs, and any interaction between you and the Doctor, as well as any care coordination labor involving our staff and the delivery pharmacy; so you are paying for not just the drug; you are paying for the doctor's work involved in the prescription and monitoring of the medication (chart review) as well as the convenience. Since transparency is crucial to us, we have disclosed this on our medication ordering/refilling website, our main website, and the intake paperwork you signed upon your initial visit; you are paying for quality, consistency, and convenience; a chart review is considered a remote consultation with substances that are controlled by the state and federal government, such as Testosterone. Still, when you compare our service to the $300 monthly subscription service to some random testosterone mill where a nurse or some naturopath underdoses you with "branded" Testosterone with no way for you to know the actual manufacturer and expiration date, ours is a value proposition. We hope you understand that. Some clinics make you come weekly for shots; when you calculate what they charge you for each shot and take into account the amount they're injecting you, you quickly realize that our prices are more affordable. As far as your gym trainer, if he's selling you a 20 ml Testosterone bottle for $10 with a concentration of 300 mg/ml, keep in mind that the bottle is most likely not sterile, most likely does not include pure Testosterone, probably has some traces of "tren" in it. Oh yeah, and the actual concentration is not 300 mg/ml. It could be anything from 50 to 150 mg. Also, the HCG you are getting from your dealer, Mexico, or the internet is fake. The "gonadorelin" you are getting from the local neighborhood Testosterone franchise, the internet, and Mexico is fake, as well as the "peptides." We proudly state that we don't promote, prescribe, or sell any fake hormones or peptides. P.S.: Please note that GoodRx prices are subject to change per month and per pharmacy, are inaccurate, and do not reflect stock availability at said pharmacy.
  • I still have questions!
    If you have any other questions, call/text us at 949-229-5257 or
  • Do you treat obesity? Do you prescribe Ozempic®?
    Yes, as a Hormone Replacement expert, Dr. Abdullah has advanced knowledge in metabolic and obesity medicine, including the prescription of Ozempic® and all the other injectables within the GLP-1 class (Trulicity®, and Mounjaro®) to ensure that you are able to get treated, in case one of them is in shortage or not potent enough. He also believes in practical effective coaching to both achieve weight loss and maintain it. We don’t take insurance for Dr. Abdullah’s consultation; the first visit is $300, and subsequent visits are $250. The medications cost $900-$1500 monthly, so it’s an investment. We still think it’s worth it, as they are very effective, and may reduce weight by 10-15 pounds per month! In 3-4 months, you may achieve the same results as a gastric bypass/bariatric surgery, minus the surgical complications, cost, and chronic vitamin and mineral deficiency that ensues with these surgeries. The health benefits of treating obesity are too many to list. Look at it this way: One cannot live their best life if obese. We believe in body positivity as a valid and much-needed social movement, but obesity is unhealthy and will reduce your life expectancy, and we don’t think that its glamorization is body-positive. With appropriate coaching by Dr. Abdullah, you would not have to be on these expensive medications permanently. The idea here is to coach you effectively while you’re on them, so you can maintain your weight when you stop them save your money, and look good for a nice vacation!
  • I don’t believe I can lose weight. I have tried keto, “Lipo-Amino”, stimulants, went vegetarian for a while, exercised my ass off, hired a trainer, did weight watchers, meal planning, did Ozempic, and nothing worked. I believe I am genetically destined to be obese. Both of my parents were.
    Well, I hope you give Dr. Abdullah the chance to prove you wrong. He loves this challenge! The science of metabolism is a moving target. We know today more than we did yesterday. I am current with all the obesity medical knowledge and novel pharmaceutical marvels that can help people like yourself. It is true, that there is an obesity genetic propensity among a large subset of the population, but that is not enough to become--and stay--obese. Also, the genetic factors can be counterbalanced by certain practical and sustainable lifestyle modifications that we will teach you. Obesity is a form of malnutrition that results from food dependence, which often occurs in the context of underlying mental disorders. And to add insult to injury, these mental disorders are often treated with drugs that increase appetite and cause undesirable side effects such as erectile dysfunction, weight gain, and flat affect! Go figure. We use a multifaceted approach as well as Ketamine to treat underlying depression and cravings. We will teach you to evaluate the food in front of you quickly and practically so you can make the right decisions when you don’t have much time to think. We’re not going to make you starve or count “macros” or any of that nonsense. Even if you don’t have a genetic propensity for obesity and yet struggling with it, I still think it’s not your fault: Junk and ultra-processed foods are everywhere; we can’t escape them; we are also a product of our upbringing; moreover, the field of nutrition science is based on very low-quality research, and special interests influence the government-issued food pyramid.
  • Will I be on Ozempic permanently? If my insurance plan does not cover the cost, it gets expensive! Once you stop the medicine, you get all the weight back. Would that not be demoralizing and a waste of my hard-earned money?
    It may take us six months to two years to achieve our goals, depending on how many pounds we need to shed. It’s a mental and physical marathon, not a sprint. Once we achieve the goals, we will get you off the medicine, but only when we feel that you have rewired your brain and can maintain the weight loss. Remember, obesity is associated with every disease under the sun. Hence, these novel injectable drugs are worth every penny. But yes, without lifestyle modification, you would get the weight back. One of the main benefits of novel weight loss injectables like Ozempic is that they restore an obese person’s belief that they have a healthier version inside of them that’s yearning to come out, and that alone has tremendous transformative power.
  • What is “Ozempic Face”?
    “Ozempic Face” is fake news brought to you by the misinformation of social media influencers! Any person--whether or not on Ozempic—will have more accentuated wrinkles if they lose lots of weight. Even babies have wrinkles around their mouths. So, it’s not “Ozempic Face.” It’s the underlying beautiful you, and embracing is what body positivity is! The recent social media blitz about “Ozempic Face” is to replace weight anxiety with face anxiety, so you’d go get fillers! don't fall for this!
  • My friend just did Ozempic/Semaglutide, and three months in, no results! Can you explain that?
    It could be due to one of the following reasons: Inappropriate dosing: Sometimes, we need a higher strength or a more potent version. Concurrent B12 deficiency. Unaddressed concurrent mental illness. Ineffective lifestyle and nutritional coaching Concurrent undiagnosed hormonal deficiency: For example, suboptimal thyroid or Testosterone. Tolerance: Your brain has developed tolerance to the drug, and it now knows that you're trying to trick it into thinking that your stomach is full. Tolerance is genetically determined and occurs with prolonged use, which is why we need to coach you so you can get off the drug. We will address all these issues when you join our program. We test you for hormonal and vitamin deficiency at the beginning of our weight management program.
  • How do you specialize in metabolic medicine yet don’t discuss body fat percentage?
    We use everything we can to help you lose weight. Fat percentages, pods, and waistline measurements are just numbers and marketing tricks. We focus on how you feel and how you look. When you look at someone and admire their fitness, do you need their exact waistline or body fat percentage? Do you think that they got there by measuring that stuff? .
  • What about "Ozempic dreams," "Ozempic hair loss," and "Ozempic Gall Bladder and Abdominal pain"?
    Ozempic, like all other drugs within the same class, works on the brain; it's how it reduces your appetite and makes you eat less. All medicines that work on the brain may have idiosyncratic psychoactive effects that people with a particular genetic makeup are prone to. Still, this is not a reason not to lose weight. As far as hair loss, this is a rare and clinically insignificant effect that occurs with rapid weight loss, so it has nothing to do with Ozempic. The same applies to gallbladder issues and abdominal pain. Please communicate with us your symptoms, and Dr. Abdullah will help you alleviate them and assess any need for further investigation and management. .
  • I am what they call a “Bear” in the gay community, which is not an undesirable look, and I feel good. I am body-positive. Some find my protruding belly very sexy; I find it sexy. Why would I need to lose weight?
    Body positivity is a great attitude. Everyone should have it! But body positivity also means that no matter who you are, you should love your body enough and treat it like a temple; in return, your body will help you live life to the fullest. Have you not noticed that there are no obese older people? Obesity reduces people's lifespan. Even if you are not interested in living past 65, obesity reduces your overall quality of life regardless of how long you live.
  • What's the process and pricing to get into your weight loss program?
    Here! (scroll all the way down the page for process and pricing)
  • How long does it take for lab results to come back? What is the blood work turnaround time?
    Please note: We use world-class laboratories with validated methods for accurate results; therefore, we may take 5-7 business days to get them. Thank you for being so patient.
  • I still have questions!
    If you have any other questions, call/text us at 949-229-5257 or
  • What is women’s Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)?
    As a woman gets older, her sex hormones decrease. Counter to popular belief, this happens before menopause; it begins in perimenopause, which itself could start ten years before menopause! That is ten years of low sex hormone levels! So, if a woman goes into menopause at age 50, she may have been in perimenopause since the age of 40! Many breast cancer survivors who are younger than 40 become sex hormone deficient after chemotherapy. The most important sex hormone in a woman is Estrogen; the purpose of women’s HRT is to replace the low Estrogen.
  • So, what if estrogen goes down with age? Why is that a problem?
    Estrogen deficiency has profound effects on a woman’s mind and body. In the same way, Testosterone deficiency has profound effects on a man’s mind and body. Low Estrogen is associated with: Higher risk of colon cancer. Higher risk of heart attacks and strokes. Higher LDL “bad cholesterol.” Diabetes and prediabetes. Unflattering body fat redistribution. Low sex drive. Vaginal atrophy. Labia minora atrophy. Clitoral phimosis. Frequent urinary tract infections. Dyspareunia (painful sexual intercourse). Cognitive decline AKA “brain fog” in 60% of peri and post-menopausal women. Low energy. Thinning hair. Osteoporosis/osteoporotic fractures: Due to both low mineralization and low elasticity of bone, secondary to chronic Estrogen deficiency. Worse prognosis at any stage of breast cancer. Decrease skin thickness and elasticity. Depression. In today’s world, women face the exact expectations of men and have the same goals and occupations. Now more than ever, women need to maintain a certain level of mind and body fitness, not just for vanity or sexual purposes, but also for general health and the ability to thrive in their careers and retire when they want to. How would they do that with brain fog, low energy, depression, and weak bones that are associated with age-related estrogen deficiency?!
  • If the purpose of women’s HRT is to replenish the deficient estrogen, why are women on HRT taking hormones such as progesterone and testosterone?
    A woman of reproductive age makes estrogen and progesterone, a hormone that prevents the uterus from being overstimulated by estrogen, which would raise the risk of uterine cancer. Women who are on HRT but don’t have a uterus don’t need progesterone. Testosterone (man’s primary sex hormone) is the parent molecule of estrogen. So, if a woman has estrogen, she must also have testosterone. By the same token, if a woman is no longer making enough estrogen--due to perimenopause or menopause--then she must also be no longer producing enough testosterone. Both men and women need an optimal level of both testosterone and estrogen. The role of testosterone in a woman’s body is very similar to that in a man; it increases libido, lean mass, energy, and, yes, clitoral erectile function! Lean mass is very important for aging women, especially if they have incontinence due to pelvic muscle atrophy from multiple pregnancies or other causes.
  • If women’s HRT is that important, why are most peri/post-menopausal women NOT on it?
    The reason behind that is that most women and most doctors associate estrogen with blood clots and breast cancer; a few decades ago, a couple of extensive studies showed an association between estrogen and these two diseases; the quality of these studies is questionable, but more importantly, the women in these studies were NOT on estrogen that is identical to that of humans; they were on horse-derived estrogen. In today's world, we no longer prescribe equine estrogen because we have bioidentical estrogen, the same molecule that a woman's body produces.
  • So, what causes blood clots in women?
    The same things that cause clots in men: Smoking, a sedentary lifestyle, diabetes, high blood pressure, stress, bad cholesterol, and estrogen deficiency!
  • What causes breast cancer in a woman?
    We have no idea! Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the world, and every woman has a high likelihood of developing it. Indeed, there seems to be an association between breast cancer and estrogen, but it looks like a protective one; leading breast cancer, oncologists report a better prognosis at any stage of breast cancer if a woman is on HRT.
  • So, if estrogen is so important, then why are most peri and post-menopausal women NOT on HRT?
    Indeed, in the 1970s, 70% of peri and post-menopausal women were on HRT. Now, only 5% are on it! This is because of a large study (The Women’s Health Initiative study) that showed an association between women’s HRT and breast cancer 20 years ago. Since then, many leading physicians—yes, including breast cancer oncologists—have denounced the study, not just because the methods of the study were flawed, but also because women in that study did NOT use bioidentical hormones. They were on horse-derived estrogen and a synthetic type of progestin, which we NEVER use these days, especially with the availability of affordable bioidentical hormones. Despite this, the breast cancer misinformation persists. Estrogen does NOT cause breast cancer; in fact, the prognosis after a diagnosis of breast cancer is better at every cancer stage if a woman is on HRT! There are 80- and 90-year-old women on oral estrogen, and they are thriving. We don’t know what causes breast cancer. Alcohol, obesity, and smoking increase the risk of breast cancer. Breast cancer is the most common cancer worldwide; every woman (regardless of her estrogen levels) has a 1/8 chance of developing breast cancer in her lifetime. It is why mammograms exist!
  • Can every estrogen-deficient woman be on HRT?
    Unless you have active breast cancer, there is no absolute contraindication to HRT. However, a risk and benefit analysis is a conversation that every woman should have with her physician with regard to any treatment, not just HRT.
  • I am a 65-year-old woman who has been post-menopausal for 15 years; I am interested in HRT, but my gynecologist did not recommend it because it’s been more than ten years since I went through menopause. Can a woman start HRT if it’s been over ten years since menopause?
    So, where does this 10-year cut-off window come from? Why is it not 9 or 11? That's because women's HRT studies have not been conducted on women who start HRT after ten years of menopause, so the safety of HRT in this population is unknown. "Unknown" is NOT equal to unsafe; it just means that a prudent, knowledgeable physician must weigh the risks and benefits of HRT in every woman, regardless of age. For instance, a woman who had just become menopausal at 50 and who is diabetic and smokes cigarettes is at a higher risk of developing a heart attack than a 65-year-old woman who has been in menopause for over 15 years and is healthy and not on any medication; so in this case, HRT is safe to start on the 65-year-old woman but not safe to start on the 50-year-old. Does that make sense? Because today's doctors sadly focus on a one-size-fits-all approach as they see 30 patients a day and must minimize liability, they no longer take every woman on a case-by-case basis. Every woman is different, and that must be taken into consideration.
  • I have a mutated BRCA gene; can I go on HRT?
  • What medicines do you prescribe as part of your women’s HRT programs?
    We prescribe systemic estrogen and progesterone—both transdermal/topical and oral. Sometimes, we also prescribe systemic testosterone, transdermal/topical, injectable, and oral.
  • I still have questions!
    If you have any other questions, call/text us at 949-229-5257 or
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