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"And that’s fair because this is new—not just the drug, but the idea of the drug. There’s no API or software to download, but this is nonetheless a technology that will reorder society. I have been the living embodiment of the deadly sin of gluttony, judged as greedy and weak since I was 10 years old—and now the sin is washed away. Baptism by injection."


Paul Ford shares his experience on Wired taking a new drug that enables you to eat less!                        

As a hormone replacement expert, Dr. Abdullah has advanced knowledge in metabolic medicine, including prescribing novel weight loss injectables.

Great, now what's the price, and what's the process?

Step 1: Text us at 9492295257 (our office number) to schedule an initial face-to-face consultation with Dr. Abdullah. The initial consultation fee is $424. 

Step 2: During your face-to-face visit to our office, we will assess your candidacy for our weight loss program and determine whether or not you need blood work. If blood work is required, we will draw your blood at the office on the same day at an additional charge ($180 for men's and $235 for women's labs). You will then establish access to our online prescription ordering portal.  

Step 3: You order the prescription through our portal. If a particular lab value was deemed abnormal after your initial consultation, we may require blood work and a subsequent visit to reassess. We also need a follow-up visit with blood work six months into therapy to ensure adequate nutritional and hydration status. We must also ensure that you are not iron—or vitamin-deficient.


Semaglutide-B12 is available for as low as $225 a month.  


Yes, it's that simple! Just text 9492295257!

We don’t accept commercial or government insurance for any of our services. The first visit is $424, and subsequent follow-ups cost $220


👌Check out our Semaglutide competitive prices! We crushed the competition in quality and price! Also, check our fantastic referral reward program below 👇


There are low, moderate, high, and maximum doses.

  1. The monthly cost of a low dose (0.5 mg weekly) is $250.

  2. The monthly cost of a moderate dose (1.25 mg weekly) is $250.

  3. The monthly cost of a high dose (2 mg weekly) is $350.

  4. The monthly cost of a maximum dose (2.5 mg weekly) is $350.


But it gets better!

We offer a 10% discount on a 3-month supply! You would save $75 on the low and moderate doses and $105 on the high and maximum doses, so please take advantage of this offer.


We are so excited that Semaglutide (the active ingredient in Ozempic and Wegovy) is now available through our practice. It is sourced only from FDA—and CGMP-approved facilities in compliance with federal and California state laws. Our price is also below the competition, ensuring that obesity treatment is accessible to everyone who needs it.

🎁And it gets even better with our referral program😀

🌟 How It Works: Refer a friend, family member, or colleague to my practice, and when they become a patient, you both win!

🎁 Your Reward: Receive one month of complimentary Semaglutide whenever you refer someone. There's no use it or lose it. For example, if you refer five patients simultaneously, you get five months of complimentary medication.

👥 Spread the Word: Sharing is caring! Tell your loved ones about your positive experience with us, and they'll also receive quality, affordable, individualized, and nonjudgmental care.

📞 Getting started is easy: Have your referral mention your name when they schedule their appointment. Voila!


Even if your insurance company does not cover this class of medications, we still think it’s worth every penny. They are very effective and can reduce weight by 5-10 pounds monthly. They may also reduce your weight by up to 20%, which is stupendous! In 3-4 months, you may achieve the same results as a gastric bypass/bariatric surgery, minus the surgical complications, cost, and chronic vitamin and mineral deficiency that ensues with these surgeries.


We believe in body positivity as a valid and much-needed social movement. Still, obesity is unhealthy and will reduce your life expectancy, and we don’t think that its glamorization is body-positive!


With appropriate coaching by Dr. Abdullah, you would not have to be on these expensive medications permanently. The idea here is to coach you effectively while you’re on them so you can maintain a healthy weight after you stop taking them and save the money for a nice vacation! 

Weight loss is no longer an unattainable dream. Skip the fad diets, expired HCG, and surgery. Get medicine that works and effective coaching from a real doctor!

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