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Man Getting Botox


Facial skin wrinkling is perhaps the most prominent sign of aging. We cannot stop aging but we can slow it down. Wrinkles begin to develop in our twenties and as we age, they become more prominent. They are a natural result of repetitive facial muscle movement during facial expression throughout life. For instance, “crow’s feet” and “smile lines” develop along the anatomic path of the facial muscles that are responsible for smiling. Similarly, “frown lines” develop after repeated frowning over the years. Initially, these wrinkles appear only when you smile or frown. But years later, these wrinkles become etched into the skin and hence permanent.


With neuromodulation, also called chemical denervation, a molecule (botulinum toxin) such as Botox®, Jeauveau®, or Dysport® is injected through the skin into the facial muscles to make them relax. This reduces wrinkling during facial expression and--even more importantly—prevents dynamic wrinkles from becoming permanent, highlighting the preventive aspect of this treatment for all ages.


How long does it last? When the apropriate dose is injected, effects should last for three to four months; the most common reason behind shorter lasting effects is under dosing, which is especially common in men, as they require higher doses due to muscle thickness and testosterone effects. Other important factors include genes and lifestyle (working out, tanning, sauna and steam room). Every patient is unique and your first Botox treatment is a learning curve for both you and Dr. A.


Price: Dr. A needs to examine you and provide a comprehensive aesthetic consult in order to determine how many units you would require. However, men usually need 70-80 units and women usually need 50-70 units. Currently we charge $10/unit.

Pre and post-treatment instructions: please click here!


Of note: Any therapeutic or preventive skin procedure requires an effective skin routine, which we can help you with; learn more about skin care here.

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