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Us vs the rest!
We pride ourselves because our program and patients are being managed by an EXPERT DOCTOR! We also...


  • Use pharmaceutical grade high quality products from FDA-approved and cGMP-certified facilities only.

  • Use more than one blend so we can address patient-specific goals with respect to androgenic vs anabolic effects.

  • Use injectable, oral, and topical drug delivery methods to ensure patient-specific regimens.

  • Address side effects and complications such as: Acne, Androgenic hair loss, testicular atrophy, and elevated PSA.

  • Couple BHRT with an overall wellness & vitality approach. For instance, for optimal effects of BHRT, we optimize levels of vitamin B12 and vitamin D to increase physical and mental stamina, induce lipolysis (fatty tissue breakdown), and improve bone health.

  • In addition to dietary counseling and hormonal optimization, we also offer excellent weight loss pharmaceutical solutions. 

  • To reduce the likelihood of infection, scar tissue, and bruising that we usually see with non-sterile supplies (black market vendors online) or the use of the wrong needle size (due to retail pharmacy inventory limitations), we conveniently offer medical grade sterile supplies right here at the clinic! 

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