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Hormone Optimization Therapy through holistic internal medicine

You have one life to live; make it your best!

"My passion is to make people healthier, stronger, and happier." 

  -- Dr. Yazan Abdullah

Men's HRT

  • Always feeling tired?

  • Always at the gym, but can't lose that belly fat?

  • Rarely motivated to have sex despite being attracted to someone?

Or sign up by getting your T level checked!


  • Are you struggling with obesity?

  • Want to burn more fat?

  • Are you tired of fad diets?

  • Are you not living your best life?


  • Brain fog after 40, and you don't know why?

  • Always at the gym, but can't lose that belly fat?

  • Has your gynecologist or PMD discouraged you from Hormone Replacement Therapy? Have they scared you from Estrogen and Testosterone?

  • Are you not motivated to have sex despite being attracted to someone?

  • Irregular period?

  • Painful sex?

  • Frequent UTIs?

  • Peri or post-menopause? 

  • Ovarian damage from radiation or surgery?

Or sign up by getting your T & E levels checked!

​Text us at 949-229-5257 for booking or inquiries!

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T 01:00 pm–5:00 pm 

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